The Revolutionary Cannabite Project Gets Accreditations and Subsidies from Belgium Flemish Government


Cannabite Life Long is a project led by Dr. Veronica Stahl who is an experienced dentist and researcher at Euro Dent Belgium. She, along with her team at Tandartspraktijk Euro Dent, is keen on researching and dedicated to developing new oral care products using medical cannabis to cure a wide range of dental problems that eventually result in tooth loss.

Their steadfastness in the R&D department has led to the development of Cannabite – a revolutionary oral care solution aimed at treating dental issues with medical cannabis. A combination of advanced biotech and natural compounds, Cannabite is all set to bring agile solutions in multiple dental disciplines.

The idea is to provide dental patients with personalized oral health care products that suit their oral biome.

Medical cannabis is believed to not only kill harmful bacteria in the oral cavity but also promote the regeneration and overall health of gum, bone, and teeth. With its amazing healing properties, medical cannabis can come in handy in the dentistry field to help fight against dental decay and oral diseases.  

The Belgium Flemish Government has recognized the scope of success for this project, making Cannabite the first medical cannabis project in Belgium to have achieved a grant from the Flemish Government. It is fantastic to see that the government is supporting research and development in the medical cannabis filed and is willing to invest in research to keep up with the modern advancements in the rest of the world.

Euro Dent Belgium’s Cannabite project was also backed up by a subsidies team, which was led by Dr. Ir. Patrick Wouters. They are truly happy and optimistic to see the grant given by the Flemish Government for this one-of-a-kind project.

In the modern, fast-paced world, R&D is a key value for introducing innovative and health-benefiting products. While there are several steps being taken for the legalization of cannabis in different parts of the world, there remains a huge research gap in the medical cannabis field that needs to be filled. The appreciation and support from the Flemish Government on Cannabite project will pave the way for Belgium to tap into a huge financial market potential.

Belgium’s enthusiasm to partially fund such a project is a commendable step forward towards the opportunities medical cannabis can bring to the Belgium market. One of the many golden opportunities will involve a significant decrease in the future dental costs not only for the government and insurance companies but particularly for the public.    

With the Belgium Flemish Government realizing the importance of research in the medical cannabis industry, it’s high time now that cannabis-related companies and investors also shift their focus to this area. The Cannabite project invites them to invest, collaborate, and become a part of this breakthrough, demonstrating the potential value of dental research with medical cannabis.

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