The Sales of France Designer Brand OPP Topped $500,000 on Black Friday


The Black Friday sales for the French designer brand OPP went through the roof on Black Friday. The sales had been consistently rising as the Black Friday was approaching, but no one had predicted the $500,000 breach of the charts that happened on Black Friday.

Though OPP have topped $500,000 on Black Friday, this may well be the start of a cycle for the brand where it will scale new heights.

OPP happens to be a designer brand with loyal customers drawn from the modern generation. OPP is a unique brand rich in style. It is a representation of French lifestyle. It carries merchandise ranging from shoes, leather goods and other accessories. What makes the OPP brand unique is that all the merchandise is made out of genuine French elements and lavish designs.

 The Sales of France Designer Brand OPP

OPP has been to continuously create classic and modern designs that meet customer expectations on a variety of different products. OPP is about a man who possesses a style in life. He is young, smart and curious about many things, lives for freedom and lives in a busy city.

OPP is a brand that aims to make life romantic, elegant and free. OPP sends a fashion impression that makes it a very unique brand. It aims at achieving a French Elegance in every design. This is the brand’s philosophy

OPP has designed and developed latest fashionable men’s shoes while integrating fashion concepts with simplicity and always aiming for excellent product quality, innovative design and comfort in shoes.

OPP brand makes consumers feel that it is time that is providing them a lot great things as part of life. The whole brand stands on time connection, place and color.

OPP has done well with its entry in the American market. OPP’s differentiated marketing strategy has effectively shaped its brand image, which is full of energy and has the potential for innovation.

OPP products had spread to Australia, Europe, Asia and America by the end of November 2018. The market performance across the entire world has been flattering, more so after China set a one-day sales record as a landmark in the history of OPP.

On Black Friday, the brand has performed amazingly well in the United States. The performance of the OPP brand is growing every day. OPP continues to expand its international territory. Efforts are underway to also advance OPP into a shoe brand which will have a much bigger global influence.

About OPP:

OPP is a brand that always aims at achieving French Elegance through the best craftsmanship in every design they make. Their aim is to make life elegant, free and romantic to their customers by offering a very unique collection of products.

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