The Sonic Crush have announced a new release


The new single of the Italian band will be out on Nov. 20th and the new album on spring 2020 The Italian alternative metal band, after a year from the last album Dark Sunrise have announced the release of Someone inside, the new single, on next November and that, with another single, it anticipates The midnight zone, the new album out on next spring 2020.

Miro, Smoke and Athlos, frontman, guitarist and drummer at Sonic Crush have said that their second album will be a 10 songs work with two tracks remastered by the last album.

They will announce in the first part of the new year the dates of the promo tour and are exited about thinking play their new baby in front of their fans.

We hope that the sound will be the same of Dark Sunrise or, if possible, better and we hope that sooner or later they will tour the States too.