The World’s Lightest and Fastest Motorized Surfboard Goes On Tour – JetSurf USA Tour 2019


The most advanced motorized surfboard is going on tour for four months around the US so everyone can see why this new surfboard has become one of the most talked about of 2019. This new surfboard allows thrill seekers to have fun on the water with or without waves.


Four months, 27 States, 1 Jetsurf Motorhome and 5 JetSurf boards, what is all the fuss about? The answer is it’s the JetSurf USA Tour 2019, a tour where water sports enthusiasts will get the chance to see the most talked about motorized surfboard of recent years.


It’s not just a board, it’s a whole new sport.  It’s like surfing without the big waves or wakeboarding without the tow boat. The new jetsurf board which goes up to 40 MPH is loaded with power and is the ultimate thrill in water sports. Now, thanks to the tour which starts on April 24th in Miami and visits 27 states including Florida, Georgia, and California, water sports enthusiasts will see the monster board in action. Not only will people get the chance to see the board in action, but they will also have the chance to test it out.


The new JetSurf 2019 model which is a cross between a surfboard and a jet-ski comes with revolutionary DFi technology and allows thrill seekers to surf up anywhere, anytime, with or without waves. The motorized surfboard has a two-stroke engine and sucks in water from the front and shoots it out from the back to help build up speed in the fastest time possible. It truly is the most fun a person can have on the water.


This new motorized surfboard really stands out from the competition. It’s size, weight, and power, truly makes this board the best on the market, and now thanks to the JetSurf 2019 tour, water sports fans will get the chance to see why this must be their next purchase.


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The JetSurf Tour will travel through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, California, whole West Coast, North of the US, Big Lakes, New York and whole East Coast.