Things That Can Increase Your Risk of Suffering from Heartburn Attacks


Heartburn is considered to be a relatively common condition that produces a burning and painful feeling in the chest area. 40% of Americans suffer from heartburn and the pain that comes along its way for at least once a month. This is why many find it important to not take heartburn lightly or for granted as their symptoms can haunt them in the near future. This condition however, does not happen on their own as there are a number of factors that can lead to their symptoms. Let us look at the triggers that increase the likelihood of heartburn attacks.

The Role of Food

It should be noted that food is known as one of the predominant reasons that can cause heartburn to act up. Most of the heartburn cases have linked food to their attacks making them a cause for concern to many. Food that causes heartburn include fatty foods as well as eating large portion of meals in particular with them being often identified as the main culprits due to how they can cause the stomach to feel full. This is something that you don’t want to happen when you have heartburn because time, your stomach stretches or become enlarged, swollen from internal pressure. This in turn can trigger heartburn symptoms at a more rapid rate that you expect.

What you can do to avoid this scenario is to try steering away from burger and fries especially the ones that are offered in bigger variants. Instead of eating a large portion meal, consider eating them in smaller portions but in a more frequent manner. You can make the necessary changes to your meal plan but be sure to consult a dietician about this just to be safe. Also, you may want to avoid eating late at night as this gives your body little to no time to properly digest the food. If you are feeling hungry during the wee hours of the night consider drinking a warm glass of milk as an alternative.

Alcohol and Stress

Aside from food that causes heartburn, alcohol is also one of the leading causes of heartburn. The reason behind this is that alcohol has an innate component that increases the production of stomach in the acid. Consuming too much alcohol often leads to gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach which can then develop to stress. When you are suffering from heartburn it is best to instead go for drinks such as ginger tea, yogurt as well as milk which is known to provide immediate heartburn relief with the condition.

There are also other environmental factors that can increase the likelihood of your heartburn symptoms. One of them is stress and anxiety which often complicates a variety of illnesses and conditions. When people are stressed, an acid reflux is more likely to occur. Instead of focusing too much of your time and attention with your heartburn, consider doing breathing exercises to help manage your stress levels and keeping them are their recommended threshold.

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