Token airdrop and B2B payments solutions from the non-ICO MularPay project


From the creators of More Stamps Global, the crypto travel agency, now comes MularPay, a new crypto merchant service that allows businesses to charge their customers in cryptocurrencies for their products and services while getting their money in their preferred fiat currency!

Token airdrop and B2B payments solutions

MularPay provides retailers the option to charge their clients in cryptocurrencies through the MularPay payment gateway without having to worry about any of the actual payment procedure. Although the number of businesses who accept crypto is growing, there are still a lot of retailers who are skeptical of the new payment option. Whether you’re worrying about the exchange rate fluctuations or the regulations or maybe you feel like you lack the needed crypto expertise, MularPay have the perfect solution for you. By choosing MularPay, all these responsibilities are lifted off of your shoulders. Using their PoS gateway platforms, your customers can enjoy the added bonus of paying in cryptocurrencies while you simply get the payments in your preferred fiat money, be it euros, dollars or any currency. And no time wasted on getting a transaction confirmation either – their instant confirmation is completed in mere seconds!

Adding cryptocurrencies as a payment option can also help you stand out in your field. It can present your company as the most progressive on the market. In a couple years, when accepting bitcoin and other cryptos will be the standard, you’ll be the one smiling and saying I told you so. 

And now MularPay also has an option where you can get their MularPay Token for free! Just start chatting with their Telegram bot @MularPayAirDropBot and send them your ERC20 compatible Ethereum address to get 10 MP tokens completely free of charge. Make sure to also join their Telegram group @MularPay and like their pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@MularPay). The MularPay Token is a non-ICO token. 

And the offer doesn’t stop here: refer you friends to also join the MularPay revolution and after every successful referral, you’ll get another 5 MP tokens for free!

If you’re a token company interested in having your own tokens integrated into their services, feel free to request the implementation by reaching out to them. MularPay is open to offer as many possibilities to their customers as possible.

The service provider is available in Europe and in many African countries.

If you have any questions about the offer or any of the services, contact and any of their social media sites or visit their website at

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