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12 finalists proceeded from semi-finals in 6 countries to participate in Smogathon 2018 finals in Krakow, Poland this November. They will present and prove the validity of their projects in front of expert panels, jury and audience. Cash and implementation prizes await.

Top anti-smog innovations

Krakow, Poland – Two weeks ago the semi-finals of this year’s Smogathon ended. During the events held in Brazil, USA, UK, India, China and Poland the jury has selected 12 projects that will compete in Krakow to become the winner of 2018 edition of the competition.

Among the anti-smog solutions of the finals are: technology for making bricks under pressure, eliminating the need for firing, a coating that absorbs pollution and can be applied to panes, a new generation of masks that solves the problem of leaking, and anti-smog bus stops.

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“Smogathon is getting more and more international every year and it reaches wide audience around the world, which is easily noticeable when going through the profiles of participants. We try to make sure that the selected projects would solve smog problems not only in our city or country, but all over the world. We are very glad that Krakow becomes the leader of the fight for clean air,” says Maciej Rys, the founder of Smogathon.

According to the WHO, air pollution leads to 8 million premature deaths annually worldwide. What’s more, up to 91% of people live in areas where air quality exceeds the WHO guideline limits. “We are fighting a global opponent, and innovation and technology are quickly scalable and allow us to improve the quality of life right now, without the need to wait for the politicians to wake up. This is why we have chosen this form of fight for clean air,” explains Kamila Knap, co-founder of the initiative.

Now the finalists will face the next stage of the fight for the victory in this year’s edition of Smogathon – they are to face experts in the fields of technology and science, business and social initiatives. Only the best 6 projects will be given the opportunity to present their solutions at the Grand Final to the jury which will select the winners. Regardless of the final outcome, all 12 projects will be available to see at the Clean Air Expo, held right before the Grand Finale, on November 19 this year in Kijow Centre in Krakow.

Winners will receive prizes worth a total of $ 30,000. In addition, just as last year, Otrivin will grant the Special Implementation Award worth PLN 30,000. This year’s edition partners are the city of Krakow, Philips, Johnson Matthey, ING Bank Slaski, Otrivin, GSK, Clean Breathing Institute and Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

Smogathon was established in 2015 and has since become a global organization that is committed to supporting projects that combat air pollution through innovation and technology.

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