, a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals and experts worldwide, is pleased to announce David Choi as the top performer for January 2019.


TRE recognizes David Choi as a top expert in Chiropractic Facebook advertising and SEO marketing for Chiropractors.

“If you are in the health industry and want to increase your revenue look no further. David is a highly skilled Facebook Ads and SEO expert and will make sure you get the traffic and conversions your business needs. He is very passionate about online marketing and always works on improving his skills and techniques to deliver consistent results.” – Dorian Menard

“If you are looking for someone to take your business to the next level then use David with confidence.” – Michael Baugh

“David is experienced in his emphasis on generating online leads with a healthcare focus. SEO is a quickly-changing industry and David stays on top of the best, most effective practices. He moves in circles with some of the highest-producing, most knowledgeable folks in our industry. If you’re interested in building your healthcare practice, definitely talk to David!” – Tracey Browning

“While recently working with David, I have learned a lot about SEO and its implementation in healthcare. He is an expert when it comes to building and marketing brands online and I recommend his services.” – Salvatore Bucaro

“I have collaborated with David on several high-end projects. David is an expert when it comes to building and marketing your reputation and your brand online. He is an expert SEO and Reputation Marketer and routinely turns his clients into The Authority Business Online in their perspective markets. Hire him if you can get him!” – Brett Winklepleck

“David’s knowledge of SEO is outstanding. He understands it from both a conceptual and practical point of view and has proven it time and again in the first page Google rankings he has achieved. Work with David and he will get you results. Highly recommended!” – Welton Nekota

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