Turnt84 – Got The Flow


Got The Flow

At times, you come across artists who merely try to push their popularity agenda and entertain the audience with their music. In other situations, you stumble upon artists who aim for something much greater than that: to create a meaningful and lasting connection with their audience, ultimately expressing themselves and sharing their creative vision with whoever is there to listen. This is certainly the case of Turnt84, a really talented artist with a passion for the engaging energy of hip-hop music and the blooming punch of modern trap.

The artist recently set out to release a brand new studio effort. His new song is titled “Got The Flow”, and it is a really great introduction to the work, sound, and feel of this extraordinary performer. The vocals are in-your-face and punchy, soaring through the mix, which is also excellent and well-crafted, with some powerful 808 drum tones!

Find out more about Turnt84 and listen to “Got The Flow,” which is currently available on the web: