UK, Germany, French, And USA Citizens Require New Zealand Eta Visa For Travel Via Cruise Lines


Apart from citizens of visa waiver countries, cruise passengers of all nationalities are required to submit an online eTA New Zealand form before travelling to the country.


New Zealand new Visa Rules have now come into force. That means, those travelling from the UK, Germany, France and the USA by air or cruise need to abide by the new visa rules and apply and pay for a valid eTA (Electronic Travel Authority).


UK, Germany, French, And USA Citizens travelling to New Zealand by cruise will need to visit to apply for their visa before their cruise holiday. The new rules state that citizens from 60 countries require an eTA for any visit that lasts up to six months.


As well as having a valid eTA, those travelling to New Zealand by cruise and by air will need at least three months left on their passports on their date of departure. Before the new rules came into force, those travelling to New Zealand only required a passport that had one month left on it.


Although some people travelling to New Zealand by cruise ship may be put off the idea with the new visa changes, the good news is the whole process is simple to deal with. By simply filling out the form online it means there is no need to visit the embassy.


It is important to remember when taking a cruise to New Zealand passengers will require to show evidence of their eTA before boarding the ship. Without this document at hand, passengers will not be allowed to enter New Zealand.


To learn more about applying for an eTA, please visit


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Notes: The NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorisation) is an electronic travel authorisation which was launched by the Immigration Agency, Government of New Zealand after July 2019.