United Drilling Tools LTD thrives amidst growing energy demand


One of the major oilfield equipment manufacturers, United Drilling Tools LTD (UDTL) is a recognized name in the Indian oil and gas industry. For over 15 years now, the firm proudly associates itself with India’s energy giants – ONGC and OIL India Limited.  As UDTL prioritizes premium quality products with field-proven test designs, the relationship continues to grow stronger with time. 


As a leading oilfield equipment manufacturer in India, UDTL also has a strong client base spread across Syria, Libya, Singapore, USA and other countries. Some of the major clients of the company are American Completion Tools Inc., Golden Algar Oil Services, and Reservoir Product Manufacturing(s) P/L. It is UDTL’s innovative approach towards the industry problems that helps the firm earn the trust of its clients across the globe. 

Recent industry reports indicate that the energy demand of India is expected to increase threefold by 2035. To help the industry keep up with the growing demand, UDTL has aligned its business strategy with the manufacturing of premium quality products at highly competitive prices. A wide range of products are manufactured by UDTL which includes wireline winch units, artificial gas lift equipment, fast make up high-performance connectors and downhole tools. 

The R&D department of the organization consistently makes an effort to introduce innovative solutions for various industry problems. Recently, they did an analysis on the issues related to the procurement of wireline winch, separate crane and deployment of manpower. Based on the results, they designed an entirely new product, UDTL Landline Unit, comprising of “Truck-mounted Wireline Winch with Crane”. This is a groundbreaking technology which will enhance the efficiency of the upstream operations.  

Dr Kanal Gupta, UDTL’s Director, takes pride in his team. He comments on this major breakthrough, “Thanks to our core capabilities, innovation & R&D work, UDTL has come out to promulgate “MAKE IN INDIA” with a combo Unit called UDTL Landline Unit, It is an integrated wireline winch and a telescope crane mounted on a heavy-duty off-road 6X4 truck chassis. It has been designed for a reservoir, production activities with wire capacities about 25,000 ft. Also, simultaneous operation of crane and winch can be performed during slick line job and both could be driven from truck PTO”.

With a strong belief in community welfare, UDTL has finely integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with its growth story. The firm leads various social development activities for women empowerment, skill development, funding of old age homes, education of children in slum areas and other philanthropic works. In the last fiscal year, UDTL invested Rs. 28,07,380 on CSR activities. Reflecting upon their commitment to the community, UDTL’s Chairman, Mr Pramod Gupta says that giving back to the society is of utmost importance. He understands the value of UDTL’s role in Triple Bottom Line and makes sure that his team values it the same way.    


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