Vancouver Mayoralty Candidate Wants To Stop Non-Resident Foreign Ownership Of Real Estate


Steffan Ileman, the new candidate in the mayoralty race in Vancouver, British Columbia calls it “cultural cleansing” of Vancouver as more Canadians sell out to Asian millionaires and leave the city, emphasizing that his definition of Canadians includes immigrants of all ethnic backgrounds. There is ample evidence as reported by the news media that money laundering and flipping properties by non-resident foreigners played a major role in heating the market out of whack. He says that many businesses that represent Vancouver’s unique multicultural mix are forced to shut down or leave town due to exorbitant rents or property taxes. He says this massive foreign financial intrusion into Vancouver real estate is depriving Canadians and their children of a future in Canada’s Pacific port. As mayor he will do everything possible under the city’s legal jurisdiction, including expropriation, to stop this process.


An entrepreneur with extensive experience in international trade and the air passenger sales business, Ileman came to media attention last summer when he led a protest movement against the proliferation of concrete-separated bike lanes that created traffic gridlocks. He says the bike lanes were a diversion from the real issue: build as many cubicles in the sky as possible for sale in Asia even well before construction started. The city council has turned Vancouver into a toxic concrete jungle unprecedented in the city’s history. As Mayor, Ileman will declare Vancouver a heritage city to be protected with a two-year moratorium on development and renovation permits.


Ileman experienced first-hand the ill effects of an ill-advised city council decision when he personally had to endure a renovation permit issued by the city for replacement of windows with all tenants inside. His two cats died in the toxic environment created by the construction in the building due to government negligence with respect to the safety of tenants. It turned out that through an ill-advised new city bylaw his new windows can only open 4 inches at the bottom, blocking 90-percent of fresh air intake for his suite in the 60-year-old building. Ileman says Vancouver condos built or renovated under this bylaw are unhealthy and unfit for human habitation.  He has asked BC Premier John Horgan to rescind this bylaw, and the city’s authority to pass its own building code.


Steffan Ileman is running under the banner Restore Vancouver, a municipal party he created. He will field other candidates for Councillors in the October election. He says the fundamental political problem is the lack of democracy that elects a dictator for 4 years at all levels of government. He says the main objective of Restore Vancouver is to create a referendum system using digital technology, a first in Canada, for real, participatory democracy. Ileman also intends to lobby for the people of Vancouver in the federal and provincial capitals. Ileman says Carbon Tax is a scam created to take advantage of gullible environmentalists that will do nothing to protect or save the planet. You can read about Restore Vancouver’s election platform at this website:



Company Name: Restore Vancouver Restore Vancouver
Contact Person: Steffan Ileman
Phone: 604-687-7010
State/Province: BC
Country: Canada