Veslate is Droping His First song Called “CHAIMA”


The summer jam

Releasing on 24th of may 2019, Released under CRASHEN label, there are different artists who have collaborated together to create such an impeccable music album. Lil Kleine, Boef, Sven Alias, Bizzey, Yung Felix and other Hiiphop artist have given their skills to the music track


The summer jam has been invented in collaboration with a Dutch artist named Bizzey. the latest version of the song in something that is mind-blowing and commendable. People from all over the world are Pre-saving the song and trying accessing it in different ways. The attention-grabbing track is one of the most appreciated inventions of Veslate who is also known as Sven Zwetsloot. Being an Honorable member of The Netherlands the music producer has come up with something that is a vegetable and attempting. His first debut came in 2014 under the label Spinning Records. The unparalleled control over music quality influence people all across the world.


Imagine having 9 different songs with totally different themes altogether. Isn’t it amazing when you get to enjoy something from such a great artist?