VoiceLaboo Launches Translation/Delivery Agency Service in Tokyo


The translation/delivery service is for press releases aimed at posting on portals outside Japan

Itabashi-ku, Tokyo: VoiceLaboo is proud to announce that it has launched its translation/delivery agency service for press releases aimed at posting to portal sites outside of Japan. The agency service is specialized for foreign portal sites and provides professional translators to translate Japanese sentences prepared by customers as well as write and distribute press releases for overseas news sites.

From translation to delivery, VoiceLabo takes on a series of tasks related to foreign press releases, significantly reducing the cost of customer negotiations, and translating the language by a professional to ensure high-quality and best price. VoiceLabo aims to be the top class in the industry.


The importance of press release distribution for overseas is increasing. Inbound market is growing at an exponential rate. The Japanese government’s 2020 target is to get 40 million tourists visiting Japan, and the economic effect is to generate up to 8 trillion yen. By having their products and services listed in overseas media, the opportunities for PR will increase and awareness will improve tremendously.  With VoiceLabo, businesses can post press releases to trusted media such as Google News, Bing and up to 100 foreign news portals simultaneously and over 20000 more media including newspapers, news agencies, television, radio stations and business magazines all distributing your company’s news for overseas expansion and inbound attraction of companies.


This agency service is specialized for foreign portal sites, and an translation service is included in the basic plan. Therefore, without any cost or time, customers get one-stop translation from Japanese manuscripts, modification to a standard format for overseas distribution and 100 portal sites covering several countries. Everything is done from translation until delivery.


The outline of this service by VoiceLabo is as follows.


Service contents:

  • Translation from Japanese manuscript
  • Modification to the standard format for overseas distribution
  • Delivery to each foreign portal site



  • Guaranteed to be posted on Google News (full refund if not posted)
  • English translation service for Japanese manuscripts is standard
  • Admission fee, annual fee free
  • Speedy delivery (reflected within 5-7 business days from application )


Offer price:

  • Basic plan (within 500 words) costs 70,000 yen
  • 5 set (within 500 words each) costs 330,000 yen
  • 10 pieces set (within 500 words each) costs 600,000 yen and 20 pieces set (within 500 words each ) costs1,000,000 yen


Thousands of organizations and people trust VoiceLabo and here’s what some of them say:


“I had a really good experience with VoiceLabo. The press release translation was perfect. Communication with the team was flawless and professional. The service is also much cheaper than what equally high profile companies offer. I truly recommend it.”


“Fantastic! We needed our press release translated from Japanese and posted to foreign media within 4-5 days. Not only did they delivered accurate work, but also were friendly and professional throughout the entire process. VoiceLabo is a star! ”

About VoiceLabo: VoiceLabo aims to bring together wisdom and ingenuity in the changing economic environment by contributing to the public relations of customers, domestic partner companies, and the development of Japan. Through promotion and publicity of companies in Japan from the worldwide network of VoiceLabo, the business is able to enrich the world by recognizing and offering good products and services to as many people as possible. In addition, VoiceLabo wants Japanese domestic manufacturers and service companies to be the winners of global competition, and they have strong hopes this can be achieved

Learn more about VoiceLabo on their website https://www.VoiceLabo.net/.