VoterLabs Announces Launch of New Private-Sector Facing Brand and Enterprise-Class Flagship Platform


Axilient Brand Offers Managed AI and Data Science Solutions to Commercial and Enterprise Markets, End-To-End Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Insights with Velocity Platform.

NEW HAVEN, Conn: Oct. 1, 2019 – VoterLabs, Inc. announces the launch of Axilient, and new flagship platform, Velocity, which combines modular data infrastructure with automated AI and continuous emergent discovery capabilities. The launch is part of the VoterLabs strategy to offer an artificial intelligence & machine learning solution to enterprise markets and small to medium sized commercial businesses.

The launch marks the culmination of several years of stealth development, testing, and refinement by a cross-functional team of data scientists, software engineers, strategy consultants, and business experts. Velocity provides a fully configurable data science solution that offers customers multiple integration points using a modularized design.

“Continuing innovation in data science and artificial intelligence are providing myriad ways for companies that are able to leverage these innovations to gain an edge in their industry,” said Walter Kawecki, founder and CEO of VoterLabs, Inc.

“From advanced customer insights, messaging, and product recommendations in consumer engagement; risk scoring and claims predictions in insurance; and fraud detection and algorithmic trading in the financial sector, enterprises capable of operationalizing artificial intelligence are poised to quickly pull away from their competitors,” Kawecki added.

Initially focused on politech and data science-backed voter modeling, microtargeting, and messaging – including voter turnout modeling that accurately forecasted the 2016 US Presidential election results – VoterLabs has increased its work with private sector companies over the past few years. Kawecki will take lead on both the VoterLabs and Axilient brands.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have experienced massive growth with the increased volume of data resulting from the improved processing capabilities of computers and the lower costs of storage. These technologies have attracted a lot of attention for their ability to reduce costs and increase profits by performing functions previously assigned to humans.

Until now, the high cost of entry has limited the adoption of AI strategies to large enterprises that could afford the investment in people, technology and infrastructure required to build and support a successful solution. Axilient bridges the gap to disrupt the marketplace by providing Velocity as a solution to enterprises still struggling to fully realize the value locked in their data.


VoterLabs, Inc. works with political organizations, businesses and enterprise clients to better understand supporters, customers and audiences by realizing the full potential of data enrichment and analytics. Customers have included political organizations at all levels, including 2016 presidential campaigns.

In 2019, VoterLabs launched the Axilient brand, offering managed data science and solutions to commercial and enterprise clientele.