Wales Counseling to Offer an Innovative and Different Weight Loss Workshop


Wales Counseling is bringing a new kind of weight loss workshop to Dallas/Fort Worth. “How You Think Matters” is a workshop that emphasizes the mind, as much as diet and fitness. Using technology and proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, this workshop will help those who are having challenges with losing weight and keeping it off.

May 7th, 2019: Wales Counselling has developed a new weight loss workshop. The next series of workshops will begin in Arlington, Texas on May 19th, 2019. This workshop is not your typical weight loss program. It not only emphasizes eating healthy, but also encourages participants to look at the internal reasons for their behavior and habits toward food. It’s believed that there are a lot of internal and mental struggles which prevent a person from losing weight. By unearthing and addressing them, it might be easier to shed the extra pounds.

Furthermore, in this workshop, participants have the ability to use DNA technology to check if their genetic makeup might be another factor preventing them from successful weight loss. Also, newly introduced to participants is the HYTM mobile app. This will be a new tool to help those who are on the go and sometimes have less time to focus on fitness goals.

Now in its second year, some participants of How You Think Matters have sought to become trainers for the program.

Sedrick Wales Jackson, the CEO of Wales Counseling, was quoted saying, “With our dynamic approach, we want to make it a point to bring innovation and proven interventions when it comes to healthy weight loss. We want to understand and resolve the underline challenges that prevent healthy lifestyle changes, thereby acting upon it to get the desired outcomes for our clients.”

This workshop is not just for people who desire to shed weight. It is also meant for the trainers who want to embrace the art of learning it for successful implementation, and subsequent teaching too.

Having the right weight is critical to staying fit. It is these modern age workshops that can definitely come in handy for the sake of losing weight in a systematic and methodical manner. Those who would like to sign up for this workshop should make it a point to check out and explore the details.



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