Warning Signs: When A Homeowner Should Call a Plumber – Advice Offered By Leading Plumber Bethlehem PA EVA Home Services, LLC


EVA Home Services, LLC has put together a list of Warning Signs of when a homeowner should call a plumber.


A leading Lehigh Valley Plumbing company who has been serving their community for over 30 years has launched a campaign to help people understand when they should contact a professional plumber in Bethlehem PA and avoid DIY Plumbing. EVA Home Services, LLC has said they have seen the damage that has been caused when homeowners attempt to deal with leaks, and other pipe work problems and the added expense.

When a person has a leak, the automatic response by some homeowners is to try and fix it themselves and save money. However, this can often cause the leak to become more serious and can make the cost of repairing that leak more expensive. It is not just the expense of repairing the leak, the damage can be caused to the home could result in making an insurance claim or paying to have the damaged fixed.


  1. Gurgling

Clogged Drains. One of the most common problems that happens within the home is clogged drains. This can occur anywhere including the toilet, shower, or kitchen. Drains often get clogged with hair any other residue and it is not often noticeable until it is too late. When you hear gurgling from the toilet, laundry room or even the dishwasher, this is a warning sign that you have clogged drains


  1. Hearing water in your pipes

A common problem that people ignore until it is too late is the sound of running water through the pipe work of the property when no one is using the toilet, shower, or running a tap. This could be the first warning sign of a leak. Another sign of a water leak in Lehigh Valley is wet or brown spots appearing on the ceiling, floor, or walls.


  1. Slow draining

Slow draining can be a sign of the pipes becoming clogged. If you notice a kitchen or bath sink taking longer to drain, then it is important to call a Bethlehem Plumber to find the route of the problem. One major error people make is trying to fix the pipe work themselves. EVA Home Services, LLC, has seen the damaged caused when a homeowner has tried too hard to remove the clog; typically it results in aggravating the blockage.

  1. Low water pressure

Low Water Pressure should not be ignored. This can be a warning sign that there is a water leak in the system. The water leak could be anywhere within the property and could be causing serious damage that is not currently in view. A professional plumber can investigate the leak and repair it before it becomes a serious and expensive problem.


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