Water Spark Plugs – Fuel from Thin air


What if fuel and electricity were free with zero pollution? What if fuel fell from the sky in the form of rain, sleet or snow? Atmospheric water generators even work in the driest deserts, point is access to water is everywhere. However at the current rate we use water to process fossil fuels we will run out of fresh water supplies rather soon. In fact it takes 2.5 gallons of water to refine one gallon of gasoline. Ironically we actually save our water supplies by using water as fuel.

In 1932 Henry Garrett made a water fueled carburetor and the Dallas Morning News wrote about the invention in their newspaper. Unfortunately over 5,000 patents like the water fueled carburetor are declared national security threats to our petrol dollar based economy. JD Rockefeller once said “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers”. The founder of public schools received his wish and academia still teaches water fueled cars are impossible even as they are on display at international car shows. The Quant E Sport Salt water car and Phinergy are just two examples of current water fueled vehicles.

“Herman Anderson and Stanley Meyer prototyped hydrogen gas injector fuel cells; I call them water spark plugs. These devices replace traditional spark plugs and create fuel on demand from water. Walter Jenkins currently has a patented working prototype of this type of electrolysis device”, said Mr. Daniel Green, the founder of Water Spark Plugs.

At WaterSparkPlugs.com a more efficient design is awaiting funding for prototyping. Nitrogen from the air is ionized and bonded to Hydrogen made from efficient electrolysis of water. The electrolysis process is best described in the 2000 Cambridge white paper, Arc Liberated Energy Exceeds Electrical Input Energy. This gaseous Ammonia based fuel is ignited by an energy efficient laser for a clean burn that equals gasoline ignition. “We feel the timing is right for “Disruptive Technologies” to be implemented in society to save our planet from further unnecessary pollution or “Climate Change”. We also feel this could be a very lucrative venture if the political climate changes due to natural disasters or public demand,” continued Mr. Green.

Daniel Green the founder and designer of Water Spark Plugs is willing to sell the copyrighted and trademarked project or merge with a suitable company capable of bringing the project to completion. Please contact Mr. Green through the information provided at www.WaterSparkPlugs.com, also if you are interested in this technology, Mr. Green provided a link on his website to his short eBook that explains this technology in further detail.

About Daniel Green

Daniel Green, founder and CEO of Mr. Green Energy LLC, is an avid environmentalist and humanitarian. Daniel is an inventor and a leader in the alternative fuel movement. Raised in Texas oil country and ironically committed to eradicating our dependence on fossil fuels, Dan currently resides in Hawaii. Eighteen years ago Daniel became inspired greatly by Stanley Meyer’s research to utilize water as fuel. By combining his background in construction and mechanics with his passion for alternative energy, Daniel’s first experiment with hydrogen energy lead him to retrofit his VW van utilizing hydrogen on-demand with solar power. Over a period of eight years, experiments and research led Mr. Green into developing a fully sustainable zero emission power plant design that utilizes renewable energy sources.


For more information please visit http://www.watersparkplugs.com or kindly send a mail to mrgreenenergy@yahoo.com