We Got a Sneak Peak Inside The BudTrader Oscars Cannabis Swag Bag!


Nominees and other celebrities, influencers and members of the media will receive thousands of dollars worth of premium cannabis products and other weed-related gifts tomorrow at the BudTrader ‘Save the Weed, Save the World’ Celebrity Cannabis Gifting Suite.

By Victoria Omega- Victoria@themarijuanajournal.org


When you think of award shows, you probably think of red carpets and golden statues… But this year, you may be thinking green instead.

BudTrader, the largest cannabis social media platform, is hosting a Pre-Award Show gifting suite on Friday, Feb 22 in Hollywood, California to celebrate the 91st Annual Academy Awards. At their “Save the Weed, Save the World” Celebrity Gifting Suite, the brand is giving away luxury cannabis swag bags, worth thousands of dollars, to a VIP guest list of nominees, A-List celebs, celebrated filmmakers and more. All proceeds from this star-studded event will go towards the BudTrader ‘Save the Weed, Save the World’ charity, which has helped veterans find jobs in the cannabis sector, provided winter clothing for the homeless in cold climates, and more.

The Marijuana Journal was able to get a sneak peak inside the BudTrader swag bags before the big event tomorrow in Hollywood.

At first glance, the canvas “smell proof”  gym bag emblazoned with the BudTrader logo looks – and smells – innocent enough. But inside each one of these benign looking Smell-Proof bags is thousands of dollars worth of high-end, luxury cannabis swag.

The event is the BudTrader “Save the Weed, Save the World” celebrity gifting suite, an exclusive and invite-only event that the company created to honor nominees and celebrate Hollywood’s biggest evening, The Academy Awards. (The event is not officially associated with the Oscars, however, many nominees and Academy voting members have RSVP’d.)

On the guest list are current and past nominees, celebrities from TV, film and music, professional athletes, and over 100 members of the media. The BudTrader event marks the very first time that a cannabis gifting suite has been established on and award show weekend, or at any major awards show. The event will take place on Friday, February 22 at a private location in West Hollywood.

We got an exclusive first look inside the BudTrader “Save the Weed, Save the World” gift bags and immediately turned green with envy. Some of the most prestigious cannabis brands have been included in the carefully curated BudTrader swag bags, including:

The Colorado brand Enerhealth Botanicals manufactures organic superfoods, herbal tinctures and more. Enerhealth Hemp Hearts and Nutricafé Organic Immune Supporting Coffee are included in the BudTrader swag bag.


My Best Bud creates liquid cannabis formulas which have been lab tested especially for use with pets. Each nominee and guest of the BudTrader gifting suite will receive full-size pet products from this brand.


Taking things to another level inside BudTrader swag bag are Hash Bone Vapes. The brand, known for their powerful hash infused pre-roll joints, is branching out into new vape products. All attendees will receive an exclusive product from Hashbones before anyone else.


BudTrader set me up with a session with Traveling Hands Massage, and I was in paradise. Travelling Hands provides massages with cannabis and CBD infused oils, and will be giving chair massages to attendees of the BudTrader gift lounge.


Elite brand Smoking DeLuxe/Natural Emphasis provided their unique and industry-acclaimed Pure Hemp rolling papers for the BudTrader gifting suite. I was able to roll my very first decent joint using these papers! Each attendee will receive a full package, enough to keep them stocked with joints for months.


A brand that has made a name for itself as a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, Pride Wellness’s mission is to provide, create, and promote natural alternatives to prescribed narcotics in support of community health and well-being. Their Buckshot CBD infused drinks are included in swag bags.


Therapy Tonics & Provisions Infused Coffee Shots must be tried to be believed. A product that both energizes and relaxes, this one is among my favorite products from the BudTrader swag bag that I was able to sample!


HempZoo is a San Diego based line of apparel created entirely from Hemp. Is hemp the fabric of the future? After trying on a HempZoo beanie, I think the answer is YES!


If you are an cannabis connoisseur in Southern California, you most likely already know about Canndescent. This line of cannabis flower is the cream of the crop, with strains such as Create and Focus, it’s perfect for sparking productivity for creative professionals.


Again, it’s likely you have heard of LA Kush, one of the premiere Los Angeles cannabis flower brands (and dispensary) on the market today. Their premium flower is high-quality and consistent, which is why their brand is so well known in the cannabis community today.


If you are a vape aficionado, then you know that not all vapes are created equal. Centurion Extracts is a step above, with consistently performing products that pack a lot of potency. All attendees will be receiving Centurion full-sized vape cartridges, along with Centurion’s unique battery.


Bark Bliss, a company specializing in creating hemp formulas for dogs, contributed all three varieties of its hemp chews for dogs. The formulas available are Hip + Joint Support, Calming Support and Immune + Heart Support. Can’t wait to try these with my pups, as I hear they work wonders!


ROVE VAPE’s most recent campaign asked the cannabis community: Where do you Rove? My answer is anywhere and everywhere I can. The smooth flavor of their girl scout cookie smelled a bit like french toast with syrup on a Sunday morning. The female owned and operated brand is the favorite vape of this writer. https://rovebrand.com

Top cannabis brand NEWSZN went all out for this year’s BudTrader gifting suite, throwing in generously sized pre-rolls, crafted using only the most high-end cannabis products and top strains.

HIGHGARDEN craft cannabis brand is represented in the BudTrader gifting suite swag with full-size samples of their premium cannabis flower. HIGHGARDEN cares about the weed that they craft, and it shows. Buds look and taste delicious, this one is a real standout!

CRU Cannabis will also be contributing cannabis flower to the Save the Weed, Save the World gift bag. They are the leading purveyors of clean, natural premium cannabis, and their product looks so good, we think they deserve an Academy Award!


Made with pharmaceutical grade pure CBD from high quality American farm-grown hemp the QWIN CBD capsules works with the body’s intricate Endocannabinoid system to bring you back to a happy level of homeostasis.


The ROSINBOMB Rocket (for creating concentrate at home) is compact yet powerful, and fits in a backpack! All attendees will receive one, so celebs and other entertainment industry VIPs could be making a move into the concentrates biz for themselves soon enough.


RANDYS CLUB is one of the hottest Hemp products on the market in California. Their daily liquid formula is and excellent source of natural cannabinoids found in hemp and supports the central nervous system. The roll on cream helped my carpal tunnel when writing this article. I say it’s writer approved! https://www.randysclub.com

As if the gift bags, weren’t enough, guests will also get to enjoy the art of High Art Studios. If you saw the Netflix show Disjointed, you saw some of their work on the walls of the dispensary. And the amazing Linzy Miggantz will be doing a live painting that will go to one lucky raffle ticket holder!

BUDTRADER SWAG was also included in each smell proof bag (also provided by BT). The BudTrader ‘Save the Weed, Save The World’ sweatshirt and beanies which were in each bag lit up Instagram in February. BudTraders first charitable drop was simple: Buy 1 Give 1. Every time a sweatshirt or beanie is purchased in the BudTrader Store https://budtraderstore.com/ one is given to someone in need. BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin has promised that the cannabis community will save the world in less than 5 years. This writer believes him. The self funded brand had more web traffic then Leafly, WeedMaps, MedMen or HighTimes in January 2019 and they show no sign of slowing down. We’re rooting for you BudTrader. Save the Weed and Save the World!

I was thoroughly impressed with the vast amounts of cannabis and other products that BudTrader has included in their Celebrity Cannabis Swag Bags, and even more impressed with the fact that they presented their cannabis gifting suite proudly, during such a prestigious event.

It’s only recently, that mainstream events have welcomed cannabis brands and events to their hallowed halls. The BudTrader gifting suite, in fact, is making history as the first ever cannabis gifting suite at a major awards show weekend! BudTrader has been the brand to bridge the gap before; they held a huge event at Comic Con this year, and have participated in gifting events at Sundance Film Festival and the Emmys. The 2018 BudTrader Ball was attended by politicians like former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox. Weed is no longer taboo like it once was, which is great for our community!

Victoria Omega for The Marijuana Journal