West Coast Cannabis Set to Open Cannabis Manufacturing Site Cultivation Center in Palm Desert CaliforniaWest Coast Cannabis Set to Open Cannabis Manufacturing Site Cultivation Center in Palm Desert California

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[PALM DESERT, California]—West Coast Cannabis Club, a staple in the Coachella Valley area known for delivering natural solutions for people struggling with sleep, anxiety, pain, or chemotherapy, has scored a victory for the booming cannabis industry in the area.

On the heels of the City of Palm Desert’s residents’ decision to pass an over $5 million tax measure on cannabis businesses, West Coast Cannabis has secured a 28,500 square foot location within the Palm Desert city limits that will serve as its cultivation center.

The space, housed at the former KESQ building located at 42650 Melanie Place, will serve as a comprehensive cannabis operation, including the cultivation, distribution, and delivery of cannabis, as well as sales, which will operate out of the 1,690-square-foot retail space in the building. The center is expected to bring 100 new jobs to the Palm Desert area and approximately $3 million in tax revenue each year.

“The governments here are open to the industry, and they treat us like normal businesses, which we greatly appreciate,” said West Coast Cannabis CEO Kenneth Churchill. And while some city residents and businesses in the area have expressed concerns, Churchill emphasized the Club’s commitment to being a good neighbor: “We’re not scary, we are new and I understand that it is new for a lot of people, but we’re here to do it the right way and make sure we are contributing members of the community.”

Owner Kenneth Churchill launched West Coast Cannabis Club in 2017 as a medical dispensary but has since transitioned to providing recreational sales. The Club operates a location in Cathedral City with another set to open in Palm Desert. The new cultivation center will begin undergoing renovations and will open in the coming months.

Churchill’s company delivers a variety of products to serve Coachella Valley residents, including CBD products that help arthritis pain, as well as other medical products; THC-infused edibles, drinks, and tinctures; more traditional cannabis “flowers” for smoking; and a selection of pre-rolled joints. West Coast Cannabis Club also provides a convenient and fully-licensed marijuana delivery service.

For more information, please visit http://westcoastcannabis.club

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