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Los Angeles, CA June 16, 2019- Jim Cummings has always been a fierce and loving Papa Bear.  That’s how Raleigh Cummings describes her dad, who the world knows as “Winnie the Pooh.”

Raleigh also remembers an old teddy bear that her dad gave her to keep her safe and sound all night long. At an early age Jim Cummings taught his children the power of imagination and encouraged them to “have too much fun!”

“Ask questions and question the answers” is another teachable admonition that came from the man that the world knows as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Taz, Ray from The Princess and The Frog, Razoul from Aladdin, Dark Wing Duck and dozens more.

Livia Cummings remembers, “These are the good ol’ days” as one of many sayings that she heard from her dad.  Even before he filled households with the beloved character voices that he has done throughout the years, he was filling her childhood with magic and valuable lessons that are relative today.

Jim is currently a proud father of four beautiful daughters.  He’s taught them not to let even the simplest moments pass without recognizing the magic and wonder in them. To his daughters, he has a heart of gold and adds so much joy to their lives, as well as countless others. The full story by Raleigh Cummings and Livia Cummings is available at




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