What People Need to Know About IBS Symptoms and How to Counter Them


The last thing that you don’t want to happen is for your IBS to occur during that important event. Sadly, those who are not familiar with the condition can end up in a number of troublesome situations because of their inexperience. Let us look at some of the factors revolving around severe IBS symptoms as well as find ways on how to stop their attacks before it gets worse and become unbearable.

IBS Symptoms Does Not Happen on Their Own

As stated in the subtitle, IBS usually does not occur without any underlying causes. They have triggers that can increase the likelihood of attacks from happening. Although the direct cause of IBS is still unknown, there are a number of conditions that can help increase your chances of suffering from IBS. Food for instance, is known to have a huge role in triggering IBS symptoms. This is because there are a number of foods that can make this condition worse. This includes having too much fiber, consumption of food and drinks with chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, fructose or sorbitol.

Aside from that, our habit in eating food can also have a huge impact in awakening IBS symptoms. If you are fond of eating fried and fatty as well as processed food, you may want to lessen this for a bit in order to regular your IBS. The same can also be said when one enjoys eating large meals as IBS and their symptoms may come back to bite them after.

Dealing with IBS Symptoms

It is important to note that even though IBS and not fatal, it can make a person’s life miserable especially if they suffer from frequent IBS attacks on a regular day to day basis. For that matter, it is important to deal with them in a timely and effective manner. It is important to note that IBS is a chronic condition and as such, you will need to look at long term goals in treating them instead of the short ones.

What you need to do first is to tell others about your IBS. Doing so will help others understand more about your condition. You need to disclose this information directly to your employer or manager. Reassure them that although you don’t have full control with your IBS, you will be able to get back to work right away once the pain and discomfort subsides.

You can also do some countermeasures in order to lessen the effects of IBS keeping their symptoms at bay. Effective stress management for some has proved to be quite effective in reducing IBS triggers. We’ve mentioned food earlier as one of the leading cause of IBS and as such, you may want to take the necessary changes in your diet. Talking to a dietician will help you find suitable meal plans that will be able to cater to your tastes and preferences. Last but definitely not the least is acupuncture and other alternative therapies that are also worth considering.


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