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Why Social Matters in Fundraising

In years past, college and high school sports teams have built and nurtured donor relationships through traditional avenues such as snail mail, phone-a-thons, or banquets just to name a few. While lucrative in many instances, they also have a tendency to be be cost prohibitive and time consuming. Today’s digital landscape has made connecting with current and prospective donors quick, easy, and cost efficient.

Let’s do a quick fact check according to Pew Research:

• Almost 70% of all Americans use social media today
• On any given day, most Americans check at least 3 social media feeds
• 47% of Americans learn about causes via social media
• 55% of those who engage with organizations on social media eventually take further action – donating, volunteering, signing a petition or attending an event

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Here are the Top 3 ways to make your social feeds work harder for your fundraising campaigns:

1. “VIP” Pass: Use short, engaging posts with emotion-inducing video & imagery so visitors have a clear understanding of your cause and the value they bring by contributing.

2. Peer Power: Engage in peer to peer activity which encourages your online audience to share your campaign with their networks and request your network to “engage” with your posts (“like”, “tweet”, “share” etc.). This will ensure a higher rate of return on investment.

3. Hit the “Easy” button: When making a donation, the process should be simple & straightforward by offering multiple payment options and a helpline (if needed) to enable the donor to complete their transaction in just a few minutes!

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Why Wait? Go Social with Campaign Sports for your next fundraising campaign!

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