Wimplo: Making the invisible world of Cryptocurrency – Visible!


Wimplo, a premier Cryptocurrency news website to tell the investors and miners about the latest happenings, newest ICOs, price surges and a lot more.

Wimplo is an initiative by Skimbox, a digital marketing company that is backed well financially, bringing in all the news from the industry that is witnessing a boon. This site is fused with daily news and expert opinions from a team of crypto enthusiasts.

With Wimplo, readers can look for blogs and news in distinct categories; this will help them to get the most relevant information conveniently and instantly.

The site aspires to feed top and pointed news to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The site is relatively new in comparison with other cryptocurrency news platforms; however, it covers a section that provides insights with inputs from some prominent writers in the cryptocurrency industry

Wimplo blogs offer the cryptocurrency world with elaborated knowledge on the best cryptocurrency, wallets, and exchanges. You can read more at https://www.wimplo.com


Why Wimplo exists?


The market of cryptocurrency has turned many investors towards excitement and speculation and accentuate regulatory scrutiny.

Wimplo here, explains investors about the various facets of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. The mandate of Wimplo is quite simple, which is to inform, educate and connect the world as the provider of daily news committed to the digital space.

Wimplo provides comprehensive knowledge to investors who are increasing thereby making it essential for investors to learn about the blockchain technology.

Regardless of the decentralized nature; blockchain technology or the cryptocurrencies can get hacked easily. The operational glitches or malware severely impact this peer-to-peer network. The network provides complete obscurity to the parties but also increases the risk of fraudulent activities.


The risk of investing in cryptocurrencies are different and tenacious to manage, here, the investors need to balance their risk with reward. Some investors look for a significant growth of cryptocurrencies, owing it to the spikes in few of the altcoins.

The rewards are appealing to the new investors that are venturing into the market, every day, embracing banks, asset managers and hedge funds.


Wimplo’s awareness towards the blockchain technology comes after a growing number of entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, and consumers are starting to adopt this as a technology.

The main aims of Wimplo is to prevent investors from entering into fraudulent cryptocurrency websites that are on the internet.

Other than offering readers with blogs and latest of news, it also emphasis on opinions and video tutorials on the digital currency. It also provides the market value of Bitcoin and seven other alternative cryptocurrencies. The site covers live prices in both USD and EUR.

Wimplo’s dominant feature is the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology-focused events series across the world. The site is a fine mix of daily headlines and insightful opinion pieces.

The cryptocurrency section is specially tailored for users to find all the information from bitcoin to distinct altcoins along with wallet and exchange.

What’s in the future?

Wimplo is planning on launching its own cryptocurrency and blockchain related course.

It holds the intention of developing itself as the most trusted information source for a niche like this. Although it is still a new platform, the visitors might find the video tutorials to be impressive. 

Realizing the possibility and potential of the digital community and it is drawing changes in the future, it plans on hiring and working with writers and editors that have extensive knowledge about the impact of cryptocurrency in the financial world.


Wimplo’s future strategy is to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform and provide investors with the utmost security, as many new projects wear down due the technical irregularities.


The exchange platform will allow traders to buy and sell bitcoins and other altcoins by taking into use distinct fiat currencies or alternative crypto coins.

The platform will allow users with features like a customizable interface, allowing users to set their own preferences and organize the trading platform as per their needs.


With its blockchain trading platform, it will operate as customers preference who expect for instant trade execution, secure digital wallets, and leading security practices.


Wimplo’s exchange platform will be committed and adhere to the regulations that will help in preventing and detecting unlawful behavior by customers when using the exchange platform.


For the ones interested in learning more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, can visit Wimplo by clicking here.