Woman Makes Bulletproof Hoodies to Protect Family from Neighborhood Shooting


My name is Vy (25 y/o) and a few months ago, I made Wonder Hoodie, the world’s first bulletproof hoodie. It’s the only product that can protect your body AND head from bullet and knife threats. We also our products at a fraction of the cost of competitors and have a donation program: every 10 units we sell, we donate 1 to a public school teacher or student in need. Currently, we sell to people who feel unsafe walking around their neighborhoods, tactical gear enthusiasts, and schools. One day soon, we also hope to sell to law enforcement, governments, and the military.


I started making my own body armor out of a personal need to protect my family. Last year around Christmas time, my next-door neighbor – a mother of two – was just walking home when she was shot eights times in the chest for not giving up her purse. This happened just steps away from her home and mine. Her son, who patiently waited for her to come home, saw the entire event from their window and immediately called the police. The event made local and regional news for many days. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing my mom and little brother had to walk home every day in the same neighborhood. I looked online for something practical to buy them but was met with few options for women and children and prices that soared into the thousands of dollars.


Fed up that there was nothing out there designed for my family, or at a price point I could afford, I set out to make my own. I have a background in Material Science and Health & Safety, so I had an idea on how to get started.


No one should have to feel unsafe in their community or feel powerless to protect their loved ones. My mission is to make bulletproof clothing and body armor more accessible to all, and I won’t stop until this happens.


If you are interested or know a colleague who would be interested in covering my story, I would really appreciate your time! The more hoodies I sell, the more I can donate to people who may not be able to afford it otherwise.


Thanks again and i hope to connect soon.




  • First-generation immigrant from Vietnam

  • First-generation college student from single-parent household

  • Health and Safety Manager / Sr. Consultant for some of the largest companies in the world like Google, Waymo, Amgen, etc

  • Wonder Hoodie is VC-backed and in a silicon valley accelerator

  • Our headquarters is in East Palo Alto, CA and our manufacturing facility is in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Wonder Hoodie products are 100% Made in the USA – everything from our ballistic materials to to our thread.


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