Women find Manicured Nails on Men Attractive says Nationwide Survey


Since the days of Adam and Eve, men have wondered what women look for in a man, and now Prim and Prep has the answer, at least in terms of grooming. A poll of over 334 women across the United States, conducted by SurveyMonkey in accordance with generally accepted polling standards, discovered far more women find manicured nails on men attractive versus unattractive.

Women find Manicured Nails on Men Attractive

With 49 million people a year from the United States using online dating sites costing $2.5 Billion to find love with 60 percent of them being men, and the news there are now 31 million unmarried men compared to 4 million in 1950, something is seriously wrong in the world of dating for men. It seems now a team of male grooming experts from Prim & Prep can provide some guidance to help men look their best.


Prim & Prep, who provides science-backed and data-driven male grooming advice, wanted to help the many single men in the USA. To accomplish this, they found out what type of grooming was important for women. It seems the answer is something that David Beckham already knew, and that is manicured nails on men is very attractive.

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The survey from Prim & Prep has allowed men to open their eyes and understand what women look for in a man. Thanks to the survey which involved 334 women across the United States, men can now properly groom themselves to maximize their attractiveness to the opposite sex.


In addition to finding that 2.5 times more women find manicured nails attractive on men versus unattractive, the survey revealed even more valuable insights. According to the survey, the short stubble beard is that most attractive facial hair, but women find other facial hair styles such as the mustache and circle beard as not so attractive. It doesn’t stop there. When men thought the days of Tom Selleck and his hairy chest being a turn on for women were over, they were wrong. 60 percent of women said they liked their men to have a medium level of hair on their chest.

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The team from Prim & Prep has covered everything a man needs to know about what women look for in a man with relation to grooming. With this new survey, men will now better understand what women want, which will allow them to be more successful in the world of dating.

To see the survey and why some grooming experts are calling it the biggest revelation of 2019, please visit:

Grooming: https://www.primandprep.com/body-grooming-women-like-survey-results/

Facial Hair: https://www.primandprep.com/do-women-like-facial-hair-survey-results/

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The average man spends a whopping $2,540 every year pursuing sex & dating.

In 2017, approximately 8.53 billion U.S. dollars were spent on nail salon services in the U.S.

Men are outspending women by 13 percent in med spas (Source)

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