Los Angeles, CA – September 27, 2018 – World-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan has launched a series of new business ventures with a new generation of millennial pet parents led by new management; Tony DeNiro and Ashwant Venkatram. In addition to his new partnerships, Cesar Millan’s rebranding will put an emphasis on original short-form content on his social media platforms, which showcase his extensive dog knowledge and 43-acre ranch.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood and global influencers have been hosted at the ranch to learn directly from Cesar himself. Their experiences are featured in short form video across all of Cesar’s social platforms. A new weekly original series called #CESARSOS will launch this month on his Facebook Watch page where Cesar will answer video questions from his Instagram audience about their dog behavioral issues.

Along with a brand new digital platform, Cesar has partnered with innovative companies in the pet tech and wellness space. Most recently, Millan has partnered with Petcube to develop a new Cesar Millan edition camera-feeder, and with the company PAWS, to create a GPS enabled wireless collar. For National Dog Day, Cesar worked with Sling TV & curated programming based on the science of what dogs enjoy viewing. Within the wellness space, Cesar has developed a new brand of Pet CBD for dogs and is developing an organic human-grade dog food line.

Throughout his career, Millan has revolutionized animal training with his vast knowledge of dog behavior through traditional mediums such as his television series. As the industry shifts with influences from the pet tech industry, so will the demand for experts such as Cesar to lend his expertise. Cesar will continue his lifelong passion through upcoming new shows on traditional network TV in addition to a focus on digital channels and innovative products for the new generation of pet parents.

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About Cesar Millan

Best-selling author, philanthropist, father, public speaker, and star of multiple Emmy-nominated television series, Celebrity Dog Enthusiast Cesar Millan has built an impressive empire from humble beginnings and an undeniable calling. In December of 1990, a 21-year-old Cesar Millan crossed the border from Mexico into California with a dream. While living on the streets of San Diego, he landed a job grooming dogs and soon gained a reputation for his calming effect on even the most difficult animals.

Determined with the money he saved, he started a freelance dog rehabilitation service, primarily offering his expertise with extreme cases. This led to the opening of his first Dog Psychology Center, the current 43-acre site in Santa Clarita. The Dog Psychology Center is a featured location in many of Cesar’s TV shows. Further achievements include authoring 9 best-selling books, a line of innovative products, the Cesar Millan non-profit Foundation, and the creation of “Training Cesar’s Way”, an immersive dog-training program to pet owners worldwide.

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