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WorldTRX Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Was Launched To Help Buyers And Sellers In Resolving Transaction Discrepancies, Shorten Payment Cycle From 10 Days To 10 Minutes.

The WorldTRX project has been designed on the back of a combination of latest blockchain technology and the team members’ 14 years of e-procurement experience.

WorldTRX will enable safe and trusted trade within a trustless network. In this ecosystem, the users will be able to do peer-to-peer supply chain trading in an autonomous manner, without the involvement of a third-party agent. The platform aims to replace the traditional supply chain processes with more transparent, trusted, honest and disruptive technology-based platform.

With an existing user base of 300,000 large enterprises and USD 2.1 billion trade, would allow WorldTRX to start at a very solid foundation for a decentralized, trusted eCommerce ecosystem.

With the unique ecosystem of WorldTRX, individuals and business participants will be able to not only share their data but also transfer values to one another.

We don’t mean a replacement of fiat currency in trade, but if there’re benefits that come with digital tokens, why don’t we use them?” said Morris Yuen, CTO of Tactica WorldTrix Inc.,

We are living in 21st century and will need everything faster and more trusted,” he added.

The public sales of the WTX token has commenced on the 24th of October 2018 and will run through till on the 8th of December same year. The accepted currencies for the purchase of the WTX token are ETH and KickCoin where 1 ETH is valued at 4,000 WTX. 5,000 and 60,000 ETH are the respective soft and hard cap figures for the distribution of the WTX token whose total supply has been fixed at 2,000,000,000 WTX.

From the data published by World Trade Organization (WTO), the annual trade (exports) value in 2016 in Asia alone is over 4 Trillion dollars. In the next 3 years, we foresee the demand of WTX token valued approximately USD 2 Billion and WorldTRX is betting on Hyperledger technology to increase speed to market and vast business adoption” Chee Wee, the CEO of the WorldTRX group further stated.

There will be a Total Circulating Supply of 1.16 Billion WTX token which will be used in purposes of Procurement Escrow, fast payment alternative as well as credibility symbol between buyers and sellers, etc.

Buyers and suppliers can also utilize the WTX tokens to make payment for facilitation fee to enable them participate in RFQ and reverse auction events.

More information about the ecosystem and the ICO can be found at


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