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Vampire + Priest is the first single by Marco V + (Marco Veeplus). The new international band whose founder is Marco Pedullà, the Italian author and composer of the song, travels on a modern rock-pop style and uses a Latin male voice (Gerardo S.). The text tells the tormented love story between a vampire priest and a housewife. It is inspired by an episode that actually happened in an attempt to promote a reflection on love, often divided between its freedom and its social rules of conduct. The video of the song after being published on Youtube has immediately received positive comments from users from all over the world, in just 3 weeks it has exceeded 86 thousand views. Marco Pedullà class 84, from Catanzaro, has always loved music, and is already working on new compositions to churn out some other catchy tunes soon. The English version is not the only one on the market, it is available in Spanish and the song in Italian has already arrived ft. Viviana Dragani, and for those who want to dance instead, the remix version has just been released with the collaboration of Dj Saka.