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Former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney sets up her own Indiana Law firm called Brinkley Law


Sarah Brinkley, who received Indiana Bar Association Young Lawyer of the Year (2016) award has announced she has now opened her own law firm. The former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney who has handled over 1,000 criminal cases started her own law firm called Brinkley Law to provide dedicated legal services to her clients.


The award-winning Indiana Lawyer has an array of experience, not only in criminal law, but also in business and corporate law. Now, she has taken that experience to provide a dedicated service for her clients. Brinkley Law, which is located at 333 N. Alabama Street, Suite 350, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 provides services in the areas of Business, Entertainment, and Criminal Defense.


“I am so excited to set up my own law firm and use the vital experience I have gained over the years to provide my clients with a powerful and positive service,” stated Sarah Brinkley. She continued to comment that she is looking forward to working with businesses to assist them at all stages of their growth, as well as helping those in the entertainment industry. “By working closely with my business clients, I am able to provide counsel and take the burden off their shoulders so they can continue to run a successful business.”


One of the reasons why Sarah Brinkley is gaining so much exposure with her new law firm, and why she is quickly gaining a great deal of clients is her reputation. She has a reputation for being a winner and aggressively advocating on every case she handles. She has a fierce reputation as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and she will now use that to continue to advocate cases and provide her clients with a positive experience.


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About Brinkley Law


Brinkley Law provides superior client service by establishing excellent relationships between clients and our law firm. Brinkley Law professionals are results orientated and dedicated to serving your legal needs with integrity, quality service, and dependability. Our clients aren’t merely cases or files. They’re Brinkley Law’s reputation for excellence and quality legal service being built one successful representation at a time. Brinkley Law strive’s to add value to the attorney-client relationship by customizing each relationship to meet our client’s needs and goals. We pride ourselves on showing our clients how much better a client-focused law firm can be.

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