Young Singer Described As The New Taylor Swift Releases New Single All My Love – ANAZTAJAH



ANAZTAJAH is a 12-year old singer who is set to light the music charts up. The talented singer has been described as the next Taylor Swift and has even been compared to Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus.


Remember when Justin Bieber was thirteen years of age and caused excitement in the USA and around the world by releasing his first single, now we have another young singer by the name of ANAZTAJAH who is causing excitement with her new young pop single “All My Love”.


ANAZTAJAH who is just 12 years old has been compared to the likes of Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift. She has also been described as the female version of Justin Bieber due to her amazing talent, popularity with a bright future. Some music big wigs have said she could become the biggest young talent the USA has ever seen.


The Debut single really does show off her talent, and it shows why so many people are talking about ANAZTAJAH. There have not been many young singers since Justin Bieber who have generated so much excitement, but that is what is happening right now.  “All My Love” is just the first single in a long line of singles that will be released by the talented young singer.


The single “All My Love” is not what you would expect from a new artist, and it’s not what you’d expect from a 12-year old singer. The Debut single is something you would expect on an album from Beyoncé, and that one of the reasons why so may people have become excited with the talents of ANAZTAJAH.


When asked what the debut single is about, the young artist replied: “”All my love” is a dedication of my love and appreciation for my parents and embracing the positivity within the family unit.”


Since going into the recording studio and putting together her new single, ANAZTAJAH has quickly amassed new fans in the USA and around the world including Canada, Australia, and the UK. “All My Love”, which has been produced by @Jvonondabeat is now available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc.


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ANAZTAJAH is an incredible new singer who has just released her debut single “All My Love”