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Consumers are looking to online retailers to meet their jewelry making/crafting needs with stylish, sturdy products at affordable prices. They are also looking to find most, if not all, the materials they need all in one place. So Beebeecraft is a good choice.


In order to keep up with the growing demand for high-quality jewelry making supplies online, Beebeecraft has been hard at work selecting products to feature for sale on their site. Their online store carries a wide-range of items, including gemstone beads, European beads, glass beads, jewelry findings, jewelry making kits, and more. The products for sale are reasonably priced, on trend, and innovative. In addition, their stock and selection is constantly growing, and evolving, to meet the needs of consumers.


Beebeecraft features four major brands of products for sale in their online store. Here is a list of the four brands, with a brief synopsis of each one:


1.BENECREAT: A comprehensive brand that produces not only high-quality jewelry making supplies, but also materials for sewing, fabric, décor, and more. Their best-sellers include wire, bead storage, rhinestone chain, and more.

2.PandaHall Elite: Offers all kinds of high-quality jewelry making supplies with a focus on durable packaging. The majority of products come with a sturdy plastic organizer box, making storage convenient, and providing the ability to transport materials easily. Additionally, there is a large selection of widely used jewelry making materials in each category that people of all ages would love.

3.SUNNYCLUE: Specializes in jewelry making kits, which may include different kinds of items like beads, findings, tools and stringing materials in one package. These kits are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Because there are instructions included with each kit, even beginners can easily create beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry.

4.NBEADS: Another jewelry making supplier, which provides products to customers in over 160 countries. NBEADS offers a large array of beads, jewelry accessories, stringing materials, findings, and more. Beebeecraft carefully selects best-selling products from this brand to sell on their site.

Sometimes, customers may feel confused about the relationship between Beebeecraft and PandaHall. They are actually part of the same company; however, Beebeecraft has its focus on retail customers. Beebeecraft is also very strict on the quality, and packaging of their products sold in their online store.


To learn more about Beebeecraft, or to check out the products that they have for sale, visit their website at


About Beebeecraft

Beebeecraft is a large supplier of jewelry making materials. The company offers the best quality of glass beads, gemstone beads, European beads and many more, which are chosen from popular brand like PandaHall Elite, BENECREAT, SUNNYCLUE, NBEADS, etc. Global delivery makes it available for every customer, no matter which country they are in.

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