Hong Kong’s Super Tutor: Wish children to become creative learners


Hong Kong parents are changing their perception by seeking more play-based learning classes for their children. In Hong Kong, persistent parents call him daily to ask for a place for their child in his mathematics tuition class since his students won lots of gold medals in many international and local competitions by his stress-free teaching approach.


“Parents look for me because they want their children to learn what can’t be learnt in day school,” said 34-year-old Mr Keng Ho Lee.


Mr Lee, better known as Leo Sir, is a  celebrity tutor at Erudite Education.

Leo Sir’s students won gold and silver medals in World Mathematical Invitational for consecutive two years, in 2017 and in 2018.


First-year primary school student Kolson Mak has attended Leo Sir’s classes since K1. Kolson has been awarded the second place in “The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Mathematical Competition (Final) 2018/19” by challenging the P2 Level. Kolson has been one of the Hong Kong representatives who take part in WMI, World Mathematical Invitational, for three years.


“What I like Leo Sir’s Class is not purely the results in different competitions, but also what Leo Sir teaches in different lessons,” Mrs Mak, Kolson’s mother, said.

Group photo of winners of “The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Mathematical Competition (Primary 1 & 2)” 


Increasing academic pressures make many parents feel challenging to get Hong Kong children “school ready” before their primary school life.


“To create a class or a workshop, we can’t prepare students in terms of academic content only,  but also give them foundational skills in problem-solving and thinking,” Leo Sir said.


In his opinion, only by curiosity-driven, interactive and dynamic classes can students really learn something both efficiently and effectively. Leo Sir and his teaching team believe that students can develop good results in mathematics through interactive and activity based learning than by memorizing concepts, steps and some equations.

Leo Sir made use of “Car Ramp” to teach students the meaning of “Slope” in mathematics.


Tutorial centers in Hong Kong were  accused of capitalizing on a high-stress, exam-oriented education system.


As he speaks, this has become a thing of the past. Parents still target at good results but they start seeking the interesting ways to meet their needs.

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