Both the Signing Ceremony of Jiu Gongzi’s Strategic Cooperation of the 2019 and the Media Meeting Had Made a Complete Success.


On January 5th, 2019, Guangzhou Huayujiu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Guangzhou for “ an authorized distribution of Jiu Gongzi Brand products” with designated authorized partners Wang Na, Zhang Qi, Ma Ju, Liu Dou, Xu Haifang, and etc. The two sides reached a long-term strategic cooperation on this project. Jing Chun, the founder and chairman of the broad of Guangzhou Huayujiu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Founder, as well as Jiang Xianglin, the general manager attended the signing ceremony. Ms Jing Chun and the designated authorized partner sign the project cooperation agreement.

“The signing ceremony and media meeting of the distributors of Jiu Gongzi” is a cooperate signing activity that Guangzhou Huayujiu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd attaches great importance to the Electronic Commerce Law, with a common witness of numbers of cooperative media. With the purpose of “legal compliance and common development”, this activity has lead the authorized partners understand “Electronic Commerce Law” correctly and observe the laws and regulations. On the basis of the legality, the company will achieve the development of both sides jointly.

Before signing the contract, Jiu Gongzi took the lead in the deep analysis of the Electronic Commerce Law, as well as it emphasized the regulations and legality on the development of the future business.


With the implementation of the commercial law, the e-commerce industry also ushered a new turbulent period, when illegal e-commerce operators gradually go to standardization or elimination. E-commerce activities have laws to abide by. Guangzhou Huayujiu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd., as a regular and legal company, has always observed the national laws and regulations. At the meeting, Ms. Jing Chun also said that “the Electronic Commerce Law” is aimed at regulating e-commerce behavior, maintaining the market order and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of e-commerce. Jiu Gongzi should observe the national laws and regulations, as well as operate the company legally in a long-term. Afterwards, Ms. Jiang Xianglin,with the authorized partners, identified the brand planning and dissemination of Jiu Gongzi of the year 2019. They should adhere to the legal, diversified and multi-facet development, as well as the implementation policy of “immediate discovery, immediate customizing and immediate solution”.

Ms Jing Chun emphasized that we should be not only a national brand, but also a world brand. Sine the founding of Jiu Gongzi, we have never changed our goal. It is precisely believed that we are doing the Chinese fashion skin brand, also the world fashion skin beauty brand. With the belief, we adhere to the product quality priority, first-class service and integrity of the management. Gradually, Jiu Gongzi is becoming the national fashion skin brand, even the whole world. Also, the world also witnesses the rise of Chinese skin brand. With four years tears and sweat, laughter and joy, Jiu Gongzi has become a huge ship from a small boat. Now, with unremitting efforts, it has realized the corporate value and social responsibility.


Jiu Gongzi is developing the suitable skin products for the majority of consumers. Besides the achievement of beauty, it also makes consumers become better from inside to outside, maintain the life attitude of “self-confidence and self-discipline”. Also, it can make the authorized partners of Jiu Gongzi achieve self-value and common prosperity.

To achieve the world skin beauty brand is the unchanging faith of Jiu Gongzi. With the principle of “heartfelt service”, the promise of “integrity management” and the motive force and the source of “breakthrough of innovation”, all the staffs in Jiu Gongzi will explore actively and forge ahead.

Today, with excellent product quality, we obtain the trust of the majority of consumers, as well as the cooperation of the authorized partners. We are looking forward to the continuous efforts and good results of Jiu Gongzi in the future.

 The signing ceremony for designated distributors of Jiu Gongzi of the 2019 and the media meeting had made a complete success! I would like to extend my gratitude to the presence of all the media units.