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RayMing Technology is warning that Poor testing practices cost electronic hardware manufacturers dear. The Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services company wants people to do their research before choosing an electronic contract manufacturing company.


RayMing Technology, a PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Service company based in China, is warning those looking for Electronic Contracting Manufacturing services to do their research before placing their order.


There have been reports that companies all over the world are experiencing default products due to the poor testing practices that are taking place with some electronic contract manufacturing companies. RayMing Technology who has become a leader in providing those services has said this needs to stop.


The China-based company that is a one-stop-shop for the electronic industry and who continue to expand their services has said poor testing practices are costing companies tens of millions of dollars each year. RayMing who has over 10 years of experience as an electronics manufacturing company test all their products before they leave the factory. They have warned employing a company that does not provide the same crucial and professional practices that they provide could cost profits, customers, and jobs.


A spokesman for RayMing explained the importance of doing research when hiring an Electronic Contracting Manufacturing company. “Poor testing practices are becoming more common due to lack of experience and companies wishing to increase profits without putting professional testing routines into practice. This negative behavior can eat into a customer’s bottom line. That is why we always test all our products before they are shipped out to our customers.”


RayMing who has customers all over the world has become one of the most trusted companies in their field.


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