Helejané Launches Unique Collection To Celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day


If the Nigerian Flag were to be a bag, this is our perception of what it would look like. The green stripes represent Nigeria’s national wealth, while the white band represent peace.

Helejané has launched the iconic green heritage bag in Nigeria colours to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day on the 1st October. Inspired by Nigerian heritage, the designs feature the recognisable colours of the flag, created to be a form of functional art, which can be carried and enjoyed. The print is an expression of patriotism, national pride and identity.

The Lé Cheval – Print collection is set to impress, as Helejané creates a new trend, with this being the first time in Africa that traditional cultural prints will be made into leather for use; combining technology, luxury and art.

View the full Helejané collection in the lookbook at: https://www.helejane.com/ebook
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