Hip-Hop On The Rocks, an exciting, fun, and fast-paced trivia party app


Hip-Hop On The Rocks

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Finding yourself nostalgic for classic 80s and 90s hip-hop but still want to plug in to the latest in hip-hop culture? Look no further. Put your hip-hop skills to the test with Hip-Hop On the Rocks, an exciting trivia app now available in the Apple App Store and the Android Market. Hip-Hop On The Rocks blends the challenge of trivia with the excitement of party games to create an engaging experience for all. Grab some friends and have a good time testing your hip-hop knowledge and engaging in challenging competition.

Hip-Hop On The Rocks is played with teams of 2 or more players. Teams answer questions about old and new-school hip-hop trivia. The first team to spell out the word hip-hop with every right answer wins. Along the way, fun and laughter ensue when teams that answer incorrectly must perform a challenge. Challenges range from impersonating famous people or even your teammate/opponent to performing classic hip-hop moves and singing television theme songs etc.


Reviewers of the app rave about the gameplay. One user stated, “Super fun game! Plus I’m learning things about music. Getting my hip-hop-ucation.” Hip-Hop On The Rocks encourages users to dive into the world of hip-hop. Both hip-hop novices and connoisseurs can have a great time playing with the app.

Hip-Hop On The Rocks is the party game where anything can happen. This exciting and engaging game bridges the age gap between teenagers and adults and encourages everyone to show off their hip-hop knowledge and skill. Dance, sing, impersonate hip-hop artists, and have a great time with Hip-Hop On The Rocks.

About Us

Mogul Mommies Inc. is an independent entertainment studio based in New York City founded by writer, game developer, and executive producer, Dahyo Offord-Florio. Mogul Mommies is dedicated to creating unique, fun, and entertaining, games and content.

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