Knowing about Steve Holbrook and his journey in the life insurance sector


Knowing about Steve Holbrook

There comes a time in every man’s life when he questions his real purpose on the planet. Are we meant to live life as it comes or achieve something bigger? Are we happy with what we have or is there something more that we can achieve? In all honestly, is a struggle really worth it? It absolutely is! Life is known to throw random, incomprehensible, and often ridiculous junk and funk. This does not mean you have to give up. Hundreds and thousands of people would try to put you down but that one voice from the inside that tells you not to give up, is the voice you need to heed. Setting the right goals and finding ways of achieving them can set one up for success. This is what motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur; Steve Holbrook would agree with.


Born in the city of Calgary, Canada, Steve Holbrook is a 37-year-old business tycoon who started his career selling insurance but is now one of the most talked about influencers today. He speaks at various conventions and seminars enabling people to get up, dust off and move forward. As a motivational guru and mentor, Steve has helped numerous individuals to gain confidence and realize the dream of making it to the top in their respective fields. He says, “I aim at building a strong community of people who wish to improve their life and excel in business”. Some of the key areas he works on are improving a person’s identity, help them set goals, create a strategy on how to achieve them, and suggest simple yet effective ways of living a more positive and healthier life. With these techniques combined, a number of success stories have emerged that have caused people to achieve more than what they could’ve asked for.


Prior to reaching this stage in life, Holbrook didn’t really comprehend where he was heading. After years of gaining experience in various industries, he still hadn’t found purpose in life. To make matters worse, he contracted a very rare lung disease which was nearly fatal. Steve partly feels it was due to this experience that he realized the value of life. He decided to use his skills for the betterment of mankind, help others realize their potential, and show them ways to excel in both life and career. He gives the people who are diagnosed with the same disease, the motivation and willpower to fight and survive.


Steve Holbrook has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and a very high percentage of it includes people who have been mentored and have received help by him. This number is consistently growing and building his fame. Steve speaks all over Canada and United States and also works closely with Children’s Wish Foundation in his city of Calgary. Steve is married and has three kids and when asked where he sees himself in the next 5 years, he replies, “among more happy and motivated people”.

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