My Love is One Now Available for High Holidays & Forever



Rochester,New York – The everlasting rock-u-mentary, My Love is One TELL THEM!, has just made a full commitment to its regular suitors. Commited viewers can now be betrothed to this original four part doc-u-series forever. The duo-boutique publisher and production company, SoRichIam Media, and its partner One Crownz say they are now allowing viewers to purchase the soon to be iconic streaming series in time for the high holidays.

The media company says adding the purchase option during a pandemic, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and just before Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas seemed like a brilliant idea and the logical thing to do. But it was also necessary.

They say so much was happening in the world concerning, the coronavirus, climate change and social activism that was directly related to the film, that they simply had to make it more accessible for extended viewing consideration. It was the responsible thing to do. They tell us the documentary is inspiring, educational, timely and very informative.

Producer, LeTicia Lee, says she hopes viewers will use their COVID19 lockdown time wisely, and do their own homework. She says there’s a lot of information circulating on the internet, but stories like My Love is One reveals strange truths that can ultimately save lives. Ms. Lee states that if the wildfires on the west coast USA, floods, and sporadic hurricanes haven’t got your attention, perhaps the eloquent yet urgent message in My Love is One TELL THEM! will.

Lee encourages people to have hope, read and think for themselves, and to never underestimate the power of prayer. She says the combination of prayer, wearing a mask, and social distancing are the indisputable cocktail vaccine of our time. But she says people should check in and always stay in touch with family and friends.

While viewers can not directly download the streaming series that decodes long hidden historical secrets, they can can purchase and stream the series endlessly through their Facebook, Google or Vimeo account. Go to www.TellThem.Live for additional details.

Mary Abrams
Public Relations
SoRichIam Media
P.O.Box 20711
Rochester, New York 14602 USA