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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Former Wall Street Language Instructor, author and entrepreneur, LeTicia Lee, says schools don’t prepare students to be financially independent. She says in today’s society students must learn how to think. Lee says financial education and learning how to think (being solution oriented) are also the real keys to ending multi-generational poverty.

Lee gathered what she learned from CEOs of multi-international corporations during her time as a New York City Wall Street Business Language Instructor and compiled it into two easy read books. Your #1 Brand is YOU! and The Answer Key to Avoid Debt, Build Credit & Retire Rich were written with today’s students and particularly urban youth in mind as they are often left out of the wealth accumulation ladder.

Ms. Lee says financial literacy and learning how to think out of the box aren’t topics typically discussed in most middle and high schools in any community. However, students in suburban communities often have access to experienced parents, business people, and mentors who can guide them along the way. She sa

ys they may learn about business and business accounting, but they don’t learn about money and how to get it, keep it, and grow it.

LeTicia Lee says having basic financial education tools can catapult any one out of a bad economic situation. She says the earlier they get these tools the easier it will be to form some good habits that can make them rich for life no matter where they went to school and no matter their GPA. She adds that once they form these good habits, they will also be more likely to seek friendships with other like minded people. Lee says the next big business idea can come from anywhere, but these basic financial skills are required, and they must never stop learning.

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