Original Rock-U-Series, My Love is One TELL-THEM!, to Stream on Amazon Prime US and UK  


Rochester, New York – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – SoRichIam Media and One Crownz say they have just completed a deal to begin airing their original four part urban art documentary series entitled, My Love is One – TELL-THEM! on Amazon Prime Video US  and the UK. The original documentary is based upon the non-fiction book of the same name, My Love is One, by author and Indie Producer of the project, LeTicia Lee.  

The publishers say the documentary is based on supernatural encounters the author, LeTicia Lee, experienced with the true and living God of Israel. Lee says these revelations are absolutely historic.

Lee and the publishers say the documentary is an add on to the book currently in print. “There was simply too much information to pack into a book”, says Lee, “it would take a lifetime to digest it all.”

Ms. Lee says people will have better insight as to the root cause behind the sudden earthquakes, flooding and overall erratic weather patterns after watching the entire series. She says it’s much more than carbon emissions and fracking. Lee says everyone needs to know the truth. 

My Love is One is currently available in nine languages in digital ebook format. Receive 15% discount with coupon code ONEFIVE on the hardcover edition and all print books on their main publisher website, SoRichIam.com through June 11, 2019. Check for official air dates as the My Love is One TELL-THEM! four part “rock-u-series” becomes available to stream on tablets and smartphones in the US and UK beginning August 2019 at http://MyLOVEisONE-TellThem.com 



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