Religious Convocations May be the Cause of the Global Outbreak of COVID-19


According to the data released by World Health Organization (WHO), by February 29, 2020, a total of 5,818 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in the world except China, including 2,931 in South Korea, 388 in Iran, 235 in Japan, 705 in Diamond Princess, and 63 in the United States. The spread of the virus in South Korea, Iran, Japan, Diamond Princess, and the United States is related to religious activities. For example, a convocation in Shincheonji, South Korea, has dramatically increased the number of people infected with coronavirus in the country. There are many religious rallies in Iran and they were not well controlled in the early stages. The second spread of the virus in Japan was caused by the Diamond Princess, which was also caused by religious missionaries. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the likely source of the virus in the United States was a religious gathering in Deerpark, New York, in December 2019.


It is hoped that religious personnel can take the harm of viruses seriously, reduce assembly and missionary activities, and refrain from spreading statements such as “the energy from religious practices can kill super virus”.

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