Free House Money DVD Helps Apartment Renters Become Homeowners by Christmas


Rochester, New York  – SoRichIam Media has just re-released their Home Buying How to Workbook & DVD Guide Package entitled Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home. They say their easy step-by-step guide can help renters with no credit, bad credit, so-so credit and good credit become home-owners by Christmas 2019. They say many people have even discovered they actually spend less per month as home owners than they did when they rented. When they choose the right home, it even becomes a good investment that increases in value over time for which they can sell later at a profit.

The step by step guide (valid only in the USA and Puerto Rico) doesn’t just show readers how to improve their credit and qualify for a mortgage, they also learn where to find free money grants for the down payment and closing costs of their home purchase.  This is where many new home owners have stumbled in the past.  These are funds that do not need to be repaid. This brings great relief to readers.

The publishers say having a stable home is one of the best investments for children as well.  They say their readers have told them their children find greater peace and stability when the family has a steady and consistent home rather than changes locations periodically. They have noticed their children do better in school when they are well grounded and attend the same school with their friends with whom they grow up.

Many parents also use their new and better money habits to create college and retirement savings for their family with the additional money they save monthly. Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home Workbook & DVD plus the family personal finance book, The Answer Key to Avoid Debt, Build Credit & Retire Rich shows them how.

Free Money to Buy Your Fir$t Home Workbook ($19.97) and its companion DVD ($24.95) are sold separately on the publisher’s website DVD available while supplies last.