SoRichIam Media Re-Releases Answer-Key DVD to Help Underprivileged Youth Prepare for Successful Retirement without Social Security


Rochester, New York – SoRichIam Media has just re-released its Companion DVD to the book Answer Key to Avoid Debt, Build Credit & Retire Rich. The publisher says given the current economic climate, the holidays was the perfect time to re-release this live speech from the book’s author LeTicia Lee, a former Business English Executive Instructor to Foreign Multinational Corporate Executives.

Lee says the growing economy is benefiting the rich and educated but the lower middle class and urban youth are falling behind. She says it’s not because they are not capable, but because they are not being given the same information as some of their peers at more established public and private schools.

The publisher says the companion Answer Key DVD levels the playing field. It shows students of any economic or educational background how to use their current resources to begin planning for a rich retirement with or without social security. In addition, viewers learn how to select a fulfilling career that will bring them joy. Selecting the right career is being where they will most likely blossom contribute to the greater good of society. That’s good for everyone.

The Answer Key to Avoid Debt Build Credit and Retire Rich (A Guide to Lifetime Prosperity for Students, Grads, Drop Outs & Drop Ins) book and its Companion DVD can both be found on their website